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Start spreading the news. You are the first to know. Hybris Publishing in holy matrimony with Malmoes finest: THIS IS HEAD, now represented worldwide by yours truly. Blend balearic stadium rock, 70s krautrock, 80s post-punk, dreamy indie pop and Peter Gabrielesque studio mania and you get close to the original TIH-recipe. However we run things like the Coca-Cola company and keep the right dosage well hidden. Anyhow, taste it you can and like it you will. This is Head is it!

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We stay hungry!

We proudly present the latest dish on our smorgosbord: PALPITATION.
PalpitationsĀ  self-titled, and first full-length album, are shimmering pop arrangements with soft edges. The daydreaming the album inevitably give rise to oscillate between a peaceful and quiet desperation of a steaming desperation. Desolate electric guitars, one rigid post-punk drum machine and bittersweet, heartbreaking lyrics performed by Maria Vejdes warped, swaying voice fills each track with an astonishing variety although there is a coherent style throughout the album. The epic grandeur that characterizes Jesus and Mary Chain “Just Like Honey” are consistently here as well, embedded in melancholy that breathes Cocteau Twins. And the closing ‘In Five Years “, with its airy vocals and muffled pop melody, will be as engaging as it haunts the listener in five years as does today. This is good stuff folks – This is pop with a throbbing heart. Dig in.

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