Witness the birth of the new world order. Behold This is Head at Hornstull Strand

1. of heroic or impressive proportions
2. surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size

Tomorrow, Friday the 5 of November at Hornstull Strand. We celebrate the birth of the new world order with Svenska Musikklubben, high priests of the 10th degree. Be there. Witness. Ascend. Transcend.

A vote for This is Head, Palpitation and Monty is a vote for freedom

Now official. Gaffa nominees for best newcomers and hit of the year.

No we didn’t rig this one, we didn’t use our political contacts and we don’t own Gaffa. We might have gone Rupert Murdoch on a couple of media oriented publications in the past but this is simply the payoff after years of hard work. Well deserved you might say. For us it’s just a way of life, this is what we do. 24/7 all year round and the only thing we ask from you in return is that you vote.  Follow your heart and you’ll make the right choice, but just to point you in the right direction: “En till Himmel” is this years big hit and This is Head and Palpitation are the only options for best newcomers of 2010. Just click on Pedro below and you will be transported to Gaffa where you will spend the most important few minutes of 2010.  Go vote. Make us proud. You are the chosen one.

  • Hybris Publishing

    A new kind of music publisher, based out of Sweden. We are different. We work harder. We work faster. We are stronger. And yes: We are better. History will prove us right.

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    Do you create music? Great, we are always looking for exceptional artists, songwriters and producers. We mostly work with acts from Scandinavia, but we are open for talent wherever it comes from. Take a look at the Why us section and you will find out what we can do for you and how we work. And don't forget to send us an email with links to your music. Maybe you are exactly what we are looking for today?

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    You work with film, tv, commercials or other interesting projects with need for great music? We have what you're looking for. Check out the Our Music section for great examples. Or send us an email with your request and we will get back to you quickly, with the music you want. We are easy to work with and we always aim to be fast when it comes to decisions, communication and external requests. No hassle, no wait - just the right music for the right spot.